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MDE 2.0

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It’s been about 10 years since the vision for MDE began to emerge. There were many wonderful missions sending organizations. Some had been around for 100 or more years. Yet the missions climate was changing rapidly – in both the… Read More »MDE 2.0


If you’re a regular reader of our newsletter, you know about BAM: Business and Mission. BAM is at the core of our calling. It’s the synergistic commitment made by missional entrepreneurs to make money and make disciples – through the… Read More »RAM Meets BAM

On a Journey to Meet Needs

Marketplace & Development Enterprises has a unique service model. BAM entrepreneurs pay a small monthly membership fee, which provides them access to all of our BAM support services: business guidance and accountability, mission mentoring, personal support, and more. These services… Read More »On a Journey to Meet Needs

Empowering Others for BAM

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Rob* is an MDE member and BAM venture owner, to whom we provide business and missional support services. He resides in a bustling city in South Asia. Rob spends his day fielding calls from Asian suppliers and Western buyers. As… Read More »Empowering Others for BAM