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Disciple-Making Employees

Launching a business is only one way to make a missional impact. A Disciple-Making Employee (DME) obtains a job in an unreached community, one that he or she enjoys and is already trained to do. They do so, first, to support themselves financially and, second, to engage in intentional disciple-making efforts in that community.) This is what the apostle Paul did as he traveled from city to city to proclaim the gospel. He found local work making tents to support himself while making disciples and planting churches in that community. A DME member may also choose to enter a university program. These are options for what MDE refers to as “authentic access” to a community, which in turn gives the community authentic access to a Christ-follower.

DMEs are not “missionaries” in the traditional sense, but they are missional. They are chemists, teachers, accountants, sales reps, IT professionals, project managers, university students, and the like who are committed to learn and grow in their profession while sharing the gospel with those who have not heard. They live, study, and work in unreached communities because they understand that living as a “regular” community member is the best way for them to be Jesus Christ’s ambassador in that community.

MDE serves our DME members by:

  • Assisting them as they search for meaningful jobs in unreached communities for which they are qualified
  • Connecting them with others who are seeking to make disciples and plant churches in their chosen community
  • Recommending  training and resources they may need to live life cross-culturally and missionally
  • Coaching them as they develop a ministry plan that fits their gifting and passion
  • Helping them be accountable to their goal of pursuing Jesus and proclaiming His truth to those God brings their way