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Our Mission and Values

MDE’s vision is to see thousands of believers taking the presence and the message of Jesus Christ in and through the unreached “marketplaces” of the world.

MDE’s mission is to empower and encourage believers to make money and make disciples in those marketplaces.

MDE adds value to global missions by casting vision for the marketplace missions strategy and providing believers with the opportunities, resources, support, and accountability they need to use their vocational and business skills and passions to team with others in making disciples and planting healthy, reproducing churches through the natural relationships that flow from working and living in authentic ways in unreached communities.

This value is provided to two groups within the Church. To those making disciples in the unreached communities and to those “at home” partnering with those working among the unreached. 

We will promote and strive for the following values:

Endeavouring to be always mindful of God’s mandate for integrity and the longing in the world for openness and honesty in relationships.

Accomplishing our goals in order to see an actual transformation in each community we engage.

Meeting our goals competently, knowing that we must manage God’s resources well.

Participating with others, drawing on their strengths and experiences.

Seeking enterprises that may be utilized by nationals themselves among the least reached.

Being sensitive to the time and needs of others.

Looking for community transformation to continue long after MDE disengages.