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Authentic Presence in Unreached Communities

Marketplace & Development Enterprises

So that everyone may experience the love and hear the message of Jesus

Our Vision

Our vision is to see thousands of mature and missional believers bringing the presence and message of Christ to unreached communities around the world through their work in the marketplace.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide these missional business owners and workers (our MDE members) with the resources needed to successfully make money and make disciples in those marketplace communities.  

The Unique MDE Model

We achieve our Mission by harnessing and deploying the passion and power of a wide array of Christian Business and Mission practitioners, mentors, and advisors. These faithful stewards volunteer their time and skills to support our members in each distinct facet of their venture and at every step along the way. No extra fees are charged for these support services.

Membership Options

Business and Mission

We prepare and serve those pursuing Business and Mission (BAM) among the unreached. Our BAMers understand that the long-term success of their mission rests on their ability to make real money and make genuine disciples.

Disciple-Making Employment

We prepare and serve individuals whose missional calling is to work as employees of an international company or local business in an unreached community.

Support the Mission

Countries are reopening their borders and welcoming business people who can bring value to their local communities. This creates a window of opportunity for MDE members to launch and support many more BAM ventures.  Will you consider a one-time or even a monthly gift to help MDE seize this moment?

Featured Stories

“We feel supported – MDE is in the boat with us, and have prayed for and cared for us in times of crisis.”

Member – Southern Europe

“MDE helped me identify the problems I was facing in my sports business and then worked with me to solve them.”

Member – Central Asia

“MDE is designed to provide the support people need when they work in difficult situations.”

Volunteer – Mentor

Contact Us

We’d love to hear more about your sense of calling as a potential member or volunteer – or to answer any questions you may have. You can follow us or connect with us in a few different ways.