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Our Story

MDE was founded after many months of research into the state of the marketplace missions movement. With a vision to see thousands taking the presence and the message of Jesus in and through the marketplaces of unreached communities around the world, we became concerned that many involved in Business and Mission (BAM) or Business For Transformation (B4T) ventures were not receiving the support they needed in their efforts to make money and make disciples in those communities. 

Consequently, MDE was launched on July 1, 2015 with the goal of providing both business support and missional support services to help them achieve those goals. Unashamedly copying the Lyft and Airbnb model, we provide services by connecting those who need these services (our MDE member-clients) with mature believers who have years of God-given experience and expertise in those disciplines (our volunteers). 

We feel blessed and honored to partner with fellow believers striving to share the gospel through the relationships they develop naturally doing business with those needing to see and hear our Lord.