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The Gathering 2023: Recap

The Gathering offered Marketplace and Development Enterprises (MDE) an opportunity to showcase some of our members’ BAM stories. Each clearly demonstrates that marketplace ministry works!

  • One member shared his success in creating a soccer academy model to teach sport, values, and the imago deo of each individual. This soccer academy model has the potential of being well-received in many creative access countries.
  • Another member told of how he joined MDE at a crucial time for his business. Legal experts with MDE helped him to evaluate a contract that would have created problems. His business was able to expand in 2022, bringing growth and new hires. Many employees had experienced ill-treatment from other employers and were excited to join a team that was different.
  • Volunteers with MDE shared how contributing their wisdom, professional expertise, and life experience to specific BAM ventures has been immensely rewarding. One young woman expressed that MDE’s perspective on using her profession for Kingdom advancement is affirming her personally and in keeping with Matthew 28.

This year’s featured presenters were S&C E who direct a transformational development work in Eurasia. Through stories, they explained how transformational development shows Jesus’s compassion and care for a community. It reinforces that each person is made in the image of God and worthy of honor. These models are especially important in areas of the world where there are strong prejudices against Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ.

MDE serves both for-profit BAM ventures and non-profit development ventures that are intentional about creating value in an unreached community.

Overall, it was a good conference which good sparked conversation. We are thankful for how the Lord is using people with all different kinds of talents and backgrounds to spread His love and make disciples.

— Gathering Attendee

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