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If you’re a regular reader of our newsletter, you know about BAM: Business and Mission. BAM is at the core of our calling. It’s the synergistic commitment made by missional entrepreneurs to make money and make disciples – through the marketplace – in under-reached communities. It’s a return to the days when building a business and being a missionary weren’t seen as competing objectives. William Carey moved to India in the 1790s and managed a factory as he began his pioneering missions ministry.    

Here’s another new concept since Carey’s days: Leisure retirement. That practice was available only to the upper class a hundred years ago. Many people today live well into their 70s and 80s with good health and financial resources to sustain them. After a career blessed with learning, experiencing, growing, and connecting, would God want us to never again use any of the gifts He has blessed us with? Seems unlikely. So how can a retiring believer step off the career treadmill while still being a faithful steward of a lifetime of learning and experience? How about RAM – Retirement and Mission?

There are so many ways a RAMer can still experience the thrill of using their gifts, skills, and experience for God’s Kingdom purposes – on a relaxed schedule and without the career pressure:

  • Business and missional mentoring and encouraging 
  • Training and skill development 
  • Helping BAMers with business networking opportunities
  • Advice or assisting with small projects in your areas of technical expertise. 
  • Prayer (Of course!)

MDE provides business and missional support services  – through our network of faithful volunteers – to committed and sacrificial BAMers.  If you’re feeling the holy nudge to be a better steward of your business or missional gifts (RAMer or not), reach out to us. We’d love to chat with you.