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Uganda: Rising Above Poverty

“God equips the called,” said Rosie, the founder of Shakan Global Mission. Jill, her business advisor (called a BAM Team Manager) with MDE, said of Rosie, “She is a warrior,” and explained that Rosie started her BAM (Business as Mission) journey because of a calling, not because of any business expertise. When she first went … Continue reading “Uganda: Rising Above Poverty”

When the Crowd Moves Us to Compassion

Marketplace and Development Enterprises provides services for a growing number of members making disciples in the “marketplaces” of the world. Thanks to the development of technology, MDE can walk alongside members virtually, although we have never met many of them in person. In this respect, we share something in common with Starting Point Counseling Services*, … Continue reading “When the Crowd Moves Us to Compassion”

Faithful to Complete the Work

Marketplace and Development Enterprises comes alongside mature Christ-followers who have chosen to live and work in an unreached community. From time to time, a member’s newsletter gives us a closer look at the challenges involved in moving a family and business across cultures for the Great Commission. In January it was two years since we … Continue reading “Faithful to Complete the Work”

Business…And Mission

same. Plumbing and Mission. Parenting and Mission. Waiting tables and Mission. Studying and Mission. Teaching and Mission. Medicine and Mission. It’s the full-circle Christian life. At MDE, we’re called to Business and Mission, often referred to as BAM. There are still many millions around the globe, in the least reached places, who will never encounter … Continue reading “Business…And Mission”

Business is a Training School

MDE entered into a unique business partnership in 2019 with a vision for franchising hydroponic greenhouses in the least-reached areas of the world. This endeavor was called VertaHerb by its founder, Bill Koyl, and would change to VertaFarms. Below is the story of Donna*, VertaFarm’s second director, about how business changed her life. I wanted … Continue reading “Business is a Training School”

In Good Company

never before had reason to meet. This day, they were brought together through mutual friends in the United States, and mutual friends in Central Asia. As they talked about their history and current opportunities, it was surprising how much their stories paralleled one another. Marina* had worked for a sending organization but had found expanded … Continue reading “In Good Company”

Introducing Bill Burke, Chief Operations Officer

Join us in welcoming Bill Burke, the newest member of MDE’s administrative team. His business background, heart, and passion for God’s glory among the nations uniquely fit him for this position.     In Bill’s diverse professional career, he has started and operated three administrative and software businesses, was a partner at Ernst & Young, and … Continue reading “Introducing Bill Burke, Chief Operations Officer”

Following the Path of Service

When Jim Logan’s father-in-law invited him on a trip to an orphanage in Guatemala, neither of them knew it would turn into a passion. Jim, a design engineer, had degrees in engineering and business and worked in the auto and high-speed manufacturing industries. But when he and his family began taking service trips, he found … Continue reading “Following the Path of Service”

Barry Bedford and The Big Change

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As a BAM team manager, Barry offers help, advice, and wisdom from his more than four decades in criminal justice–though it’s not exactly a direct correlation. His experience and skills as police chief ranged from organizational management and clarifying policies to crisis planning and media management. And in 2017, Barry became a certified executive coach and leadership instructor, further enhancing the support he offers