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Crucial Elements for Successful BAM

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Recently, BAM Global reposted the results of a survey they conducted with practitioners. This group of surveyed BAMers candidly shared their stories in hopes of helping others. They were asked: If you had to give the top two or three reasons for your overall business success, what factors would you share?

Each of the BAM practitioners believe that creating strong partnerships and building a community of mentors and supporters is crucial to their business success. They also stress the importance of avoiding isolation and staying connected with others in their industry. Below are a few curated responses. We encourage you to access the full article and other resources at the BAM Global website.

  • Having world class partners has been essential.
  • As an owner, share the challenges you face with your board, investors, mentors, etc. Tell the truth, early and often.
  • Surround yourself with counsel. Stay attached to God and his people either through a church/agency or personal mentor or coach.
  • I’ve succeeded because I’ve had a spouse that has stood by me through thick and thin, not to mention a relationship with my business partner built on tremendous trust and respect. It’s also been important to have mentors and coaches walking closely with us.
  • A success factor for me has been being well-networked in the wider business community as well as the BAM community nationally.
  • Integration with the local University has been essential. Strong relationships with key professors has allowed us to get first picks on some of the best students who come to do internships with us and eventually become junior staff members.

MDE provides the Business services And Mission services our BAM practitioners need  – and delivers them to each member through just such a community of committed Christian volunteers. Our model allows these volunteers to also build meaningful community and relationships while contributing their time, talent, and treasure to God’s Kingdom work. BAMers and volunteers – investing together in something that will last.

When I first heard about MDE, I joined for the like-minded community and to gain access to additional resources and consultants that would help our business. As I plugged into MDE more, I realized that the business support services were great, but the relational component of MDE membership was even more helpful to me personally.

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