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Finding New Life

  • BAM

A recent report from Asia illustrates how community development ventures and churches can partner together to reach those in society that would otherwise be unreached by traditional church ministry.   Lewis* first met believers when volunteers visited the remote orphanage where… Read More »Finding New Life

The MDE Difference

In this post, volunteer BAM team manager Jim Schlott, shares why he is sold on MDE’s approach. We are grateful for volunteers like Jim who are helping to shape MDE through their service, expertise, and passion. When I first met… Read More »The MDE Difference

From Start to Finish

  • BAM

Eyes are often called the “windows to the soul.” One of our members, Renee*, looked into the souls of Roma children on a daily basis. Seeing the hope and desire for love and acceptance, she was compelled to gather them… Read More »From Start to Finish