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Join MDE to begin to prepare for the journey to working abroad in an unreached community.
Your MDE mentor will assist you to develop a plan as you explore opportunities and prepare for your future.


  • Students are considered to be those in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program
  • Students qualify for the student membership rate until the date of graduation or when they discontinue full-time studies


  • Development: Individual Development Plan assessment
  • Mentoring: Dedicated mentor who is trained and focused on your development in the areas of personal wellness, self-awareness, spiritual formation, intentionality in discipleship and professional skills
  • Support: Access to our network and connections to job opportunities, internships, and missional efforts around the world so you can network and prepare to visit those areas
  • Resources: Training material recommendations for personal development from culture and language to discipleship training abroad


  • Dedicated mentor
  • Discipleship and missional preparedness training
  • Connections and resources for overseas experience development

If you're interested in becoming a Student Member but the fee is prohibitive, contact us for information on scholarship options.

Why the fee?

MDE is a service organization, meaning we provide these services for a fee. The student fee is only $25 per month, compared to the $50 per month for regular membership. This minimal fee allows us to retain full-time staff for the continued development of Disciple-Making Employees (DMEs), mentors, building networks and the tools needed to provide support to members while abroad.

Student Application

The application process includes:

  1. Paying a $5 processing fee,
  2. Submitting a completed application,
  3. Including 4 references, and
  4. A current resume.

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If you have any questions or run into issues with the payment or application form, email us at

Learn more about Internship services!
Learn more about Internship services!