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Looking to pursue a career in marketplace missions?
Start your journey today!

We count it a privilege to help those
exploring or pursuing a vocation in an unreached community
to take both the love and message of Jesus to those who need both.

How We Help

We connect you to resources to help navigate the pathway to a missional marketplace career, including:

  • Mentoring: Dedicated mentor who is trained and focused on your development in the areas of personal wellness, self-awareness, spiritual formation, intentionality in discipleship, and professional skills
  • Support: Access to our network and connections to job opportunities, internships, and missional efforts around the world so you can network and prepare to visit those areas
  • Resources: Training material recommendations for personal development from culture and language to discipleship training abroad

Benefits of Joining MDE as a Student

  • Dedicated mentor
  • Discipleship and missional preparedness training
  • Connections and resources for overseas experience development

Why the fee?

Frankly, to cover our costs. This minimal fee allows us to retain staff to oversee the continued development of Disciple-Making Employees (DMEs), mentors, building networks, and the tools needed to provide support to members while abroad.

If you’re interested in becoming a Student Member but the fee is prohibitive,¬†contact us¬†for information on scholarship options.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program
  • Students until the date of graduation or the date they discontinue full-time studies

Student Application Process

  1. Pay $5 processing fee
  2. Complete the application
  3. Submit 4 references
  4. Submit current resume

Email us now to start your application!

If you’re just interested in an internship, learn more here.