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MDE maintains an internship program that connects individuals to opportunities
to acquire experience in disciple-making employment, business as mission, and community development.
Where possible, MDE will work with students to connect them with internships that qualify for college credit.

What We Provide

  • Internship – MDE utilizes its network and resources to locate internships and help the intern connect with appropriate opportunities.
  • Donation Processing – For those needing financial assistance, MDE provides the intern with an online giving platform where donations may be processed.
  • Mentoring – MDE connects the intern with a mentor who provide support prior to, during, and following the internship. The mentor provides encouragement, prayer, and accountability, assists in identifying goals, working through growth opportunities, and processing experiences for long-term benefit.
  • Network – MDE connects the intern with opportunities in the internship region for ministry and church involvement.

$150 Fee –  Due at time of internship acceptance

– Applicants must submit completed application form
– Applicants must submit a resume and two references

Please note:
MDE does not guarantee an internship and the intern is responsible for completing any application process required by the organization offering the internship. If the applicant receives an offer and accepts it, the intern will report to the organization offering the internship and must comply by its rules and regulations for the successful completion of the internship.

Internship Application

Contact MDE with any questions, concerns, or to begin the application:

Note: The internship application is separate from the regular MDE membership application.

Request an Intern

If your workplace, business, or venture would like to host an intern, please contact MDE at