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Par · tic · i · pate

  1. To be active or involved in something. syn. take part in; engage in; join in; get involved in; share in; play a part or a role in; partake in; have a hand in.

This word is a verb. It requires action, doing. Not a one and done thing, but a continual process of actively using all the resources God has given you – time, money, talents, skills, experiences, relationships – to accomplish something. In our case, taking the presence and message of Jesus Christ to unreached communities. We would be honored if you would consider participating in our quest to obey our Lord’s charge to make disciples and to help them mature into dedicated Christ-followers. You can do so by donating money, by donating time or by going to the unreached yourself.


Consider becoming a member of MDE — joining with others to live and work in unreached communities and to participate in a disciple-making/church planting effort.


Please consider giving to MDE’s efforts to mobilize, equip and support the many who are taking the presence and message of Christ to the unreached.


Consider donating time and effort to move MDE’s vision forward.  We need people with different skills and experiences to help us.