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Faithful to Complete the Work

Marketplace and Development Enterprises comes alongside mature Christ-followers who have chosen to live and work in an unreached community. From time to time, a member’s newsletter gives us a closer look at the challenges involved in moving a family and business across cultures for the Great Commission.

In January it was two years since we arrived in this city! It being a new year, we have spent the last few weeks reflecting on all we have seen the Father do in our lives over these last years. We’ve learned that this is a country of intensity. The flavors and smells are intense. The colors are intense. The relationships are intense. Life here fills your senses in a way that I have never experienced anywhere else. 

In so many areas, we haven’t made the progress we had hoped we would have made last year. But when we consider all the major events of the year, good and bad, we are amazed to see the way the Father has carried us through. Look at how He has lined up friends and a new home for us! Look at how far we’ve come even with a baby at home! Look at how well the kids are adjusting to school! Look at these three new guys working at the office! Look at how adding employees has actually made the business work better! Look at what the Father has done!

I am thankful we don’t know the extent of all there is left to learn and do. Like our brother Paul, may we keep our focus on Him who gives us strength! May we run with endurance the race that is set before us! Because the One who has given us this task is faithful.

For His Glory,

Our Family of Five

Faculty of Advisors

Marketplace and Development Enterprises members are served by a growing Faculty of Advisors with expertise in everything from Quickbooks and business law to mission strategy. This month, we welcome Betsy Neptune to the faculty. She coaches entrepreneurs and public and non-profit leaders and has taught on the topics of entrepreneurship and leadership. With nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship in Latin America and the U.S., Betsy will be an asset to MDE members.

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