Marketplace & Development Enterprises

Fund the COO Position


MDE is at an exciting inflection point in our ministry. Over the past couple of years, we have had more inquiries from entrepreneurs than we can support and send into the field. In order to fully maximize MDE’s outreach potential, we have created a new operations leadership position. Our new COO will add strength and scalability to grow the ministry in in the following areas:

  • Add new entrepreneurs (MDE members) at the rate of one per month
  •  Increase the membership by 200 to 300% within three years
  •  Establish MDE as a fully self-funded ministry through membership fees within three years
  • Enable well-paying employment opportunities for hundreds of local citizens in hard places overseas
  •  Create “turnkey” business models to simplify and accelerate the future launching of these missional businesses

To achieve this vision and take the MDE ministry to the next level, we are seeking commitments to help fund the COO position for the next three years to get us there. 100% of our Board has already committed to personally supporting this project.  

Would you consider partnering with us financially to reach thousands of people in unreached areas for whom missional entrepreneurs are the only gospel hope?