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Christmas Around the World of MDE

Our vision is to see thousands of mature Christ-followers taking
the presence and message of Christ to the millions who have little to no hope of experiencing God’s love or hearing truth in their communities. 

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the lives of our MDE members and how they celebrate Christmas.  


“One of our favorite parts of Christmas in Romania is getting to visit the Christmas Market in the center of town. It’s a beautiful European outdoor Christmas market full of great locally made products and traditional Romanian food. It’s an annual tradition for our family.”

East Asia

“When I think of Christmas, I think of roast duck! And, no, not because of A Christmas Story. In East Asia, where I live, the work culture is strong and there is no day off for Christmas. So, I have to make intentional time for the important people in my life. For me, Christmas is enjoying a nice duck dinner with a table full of my closest friends.”


“Christmas in Mexico is the second most celebrated holiday after Easter. Prior to Christmas, each group, business and family will host at least one ‘posadas’ or Christmas party.

The 24th is a time of buying presents to be given at midnight after eating the Christmas dinner at 10:00pm with family and friends. With the dinner there are piñatas for the children (and adults, in many cases) and

firecrackers. The party winds down about 2:00-3:00am The 25th is a day to rest before returning to work on the 26th. Every worker receives by law a dividend of 15-30 days of salary in December so that they have money for the celebration.”

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.” Isaiah 9:2 ESV

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