Marketplace & Development Enterprises



One of our values is partnering. The theme of living in community and working together as a community permeates Scripture. We are thankful for those who share this value and share the vision to see more of us regular folk going to live in unreached communities to see disciples made and movements of new, healthy, vibrant, reproducing churches arise.

If you would like to join this partnership, drop us a note and we’ll set up a time to connect.



Our church partners work with us to move marketplace missions forward in various ways. Some of their members are also our members—making disciples in unreached communities around the world. Some of their members support our members by serving as mentors for our tentmakers and as advisors to our BAMers and Community Developers. And, we could not spread our common vision for marketplace missions without their generous financial support.


Business people understand the impact a transformed life can have in the workplace and community. We are grateful to our business partners who help us  in various ways, whether paying the bills or connecting us to their employees who become our members or help our members, and through jobs and internships which allow our members to gain valuable experience both here and abroad.


Our educational partners desire to see their students mature in Christ and use their education for God’s glory in the marketplace. Thanks to these institutions, students help us and our members complete essential projects for both MDE and our BAM and Community Development ventures and come to see how a vocational career can, and should be, missional.